Mobile application drives incident or near-miss reporting
January 5, 2017 | Energy, Mobile | By Daniel St-Pierre

mobile incidentDidjet’s mobile application team was tasked by one of Canada’s leading power producer to develop and design an enterprise management application, which could be used for incident or near-miss reporting.

The challenge
The solution must have an intuitive user interface, and feature cutting edge mobile features, and promote procedure compliance. The App also must be usable from anywhere, at all times.

The mobile solution
With security reporting in mind, our team has designed and developed an intuitive high availability iPhone application that employees use when an incident or near-miss occurs.

Platform & Devices

  • We have have chosen to support iOS 9.0 & above
  • Using iPhone 5 (4”), iPhone 6 (4.7”) help maximize assets


  • Since it is a high availability mobile application performance, code quality, optimization and proper architecture is most important. So it’s always possible to extend the application.
  • Most challenging part is to ensure the app is always optimized, available, open for extensions and follow all coding best practices.
  • Messaging and jobs queues assure the mobile application can be used in remote areas when networks are unavailable.

The result

  • This product has got a very positive feedback from the staff and organization
  • This application has helped increase compliance awareness
  • The application also increased procedure compliance adoption
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