CRM & CLM Mobile Intelligence
February 1, 2017 | Mobile, Pharmaceutical | By Daniel St-Pierre

mobile incidentOur mobile team was tasked to create a powerful CRM & CLM presentation tool for life science and pharmaceutical professionals. The app is intuitive and easy to use, and allows professionals to navigate, browse and access information effortlessly. This user-friendly mobile tool help streamline the process, and provide important data analysis.

The mobile solution
This application would offer training and sales tools (videos, product presentation, product monograph and so much more) for various products. Providing users with an engaging and interactive experience was an important aspect of the design and development, as well as the rendition quality and weight.

Platforms & Devices

  • We have have chosen to support iOS 9.0 & above
  • Using iPad’s help maximize assets

Technology stack

  • PHP, MYSQL on a Linux server
  • Xcode
  • Google analytics
  • Advanced animations
  • Custom PDF editor


  • Messaging and jobs queues assure the mobile application can be used in remote areas when networks are unavailable.
  • Quality assurance for all type of files (image, video, sound, text), and keeping files as light as possible…
  • High availability application to increase sales performance, code quality, optimization and proper architecture is most important. So it’s always possible to extend the application.
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