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We are a little bit different. It’s true… An immersive production studio with an emphasis on Gesture, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR), Located in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Didjet works with brands, agencies and individuals to craft digital products and campaigns that create lasting impact.

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Our Latest Insights

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is coming now and is here to stay. But what is Virtual Reality? That’s one thing you need to know. Furthermore, there are a few other things you should pay attention to. Like how it will affect your life and what are the different types of VR. What is Virtual Reality? VR […]

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What Impact Do Virtual and Augmented Reality Have on Society?

There is and will remain for many years a debate about the effects of virtual and augmented reality in our society. Sometimes it is seen as a threat and sometimes as an opportunity. Virtual and augmented reality can help people connect with each other and improve their communication skills. As well as provide the user […]

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Drive More Brand Engagement With Snapchat

Trends suggest that businesses would be wise to thrive brand engagement with Snapchat as it continues to penetrate new markets. And the number of daily users steadily increases. Snapchat currently has an average of 218 million users per day. So how can you extend your business reach? Here are seven tips for using Snapchat for […]

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It has been a great pleasure working with Didjet. We look forward to working with Didjet on many more projects to come.

Mazdak Mohammadi

Owner, BlueberryCloud

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