5 clever ways to use mobile applications

When it comes to it, businesses use mobile applications in various ways. Mobile Applications (Apps) can take many forms. From simply collecting email addresses in a marketing campaigns to the more complicated apps such as the booking of an hotel room in real-time.

Organizations that embrace mobility for business purposes will likely become not just more efficient, but also a place where more people want to work. This could be an edge for employers in the increasing competitive challenges of recruiting and retaining talent in the coming decade.

Use mobile applications in your communications

Product launch, continued education, etc. are amazing opportunities for an enterprise to shine. The use of mobile applications for marketing allows countless benefits. One can use mobile applications to show compelling presentations. This approach allows to be creative in many ways, such as using animations, interactive forms and elements that will differentiate you. Therefore, you’ll capture and retain users attention much longer.

Sales & vendors management

Streamlining data handling forms to your CRM and other tools will allow you to stay informed throughout the value chain. I’m not saying that you can make calls back and forth here. Actually you can, if that’s what you want to do. But, in your day to day operations a mobile application such as a CRM can facilitate potential customers follow-up and team collaboration. Instant messaging and information sharing on the go are also important facets for your business and your employees productivity. Mobile applications facilitate both.

Use mobile applications to report incidents

An Incident Reporting process is about capturing the details of an incident. It can be for a safety incident, security, property damage, near miss or simply for safety observation. The next step is submitting the details to a nominated contact for follow up. This process can lead to identifying the risks, failures and hazards that led to the incident in the first place. Resulting in applying improvements to avoid future incidents. And, in many industries, it is also mandatory. By using a mobile incident reporting application, you make that reporting and submitting easily accessible to everyone, regardless of where they are. By being handy your employees will complete the information in a timely manner and you’ll be informed faster. Which will allow you to react faster and be compliant with the laws.

Enhance overall productivity

Providing your field workers with mobile apps, will enhance their productivity. Indeed, they can use mobile apps to accomplish day to day tasks, and stay connected while in the field. Which means no more time wasted by waiting to being back at the office to complete forms and trying to remember all the details. With mobile apps your employees can complete their tasks faster and more accurately. Additionally, they can submit information to colleagues, clients or anyone else quicker.

Production lines perform optimally

Mobile phones and tablets are now very handy to increase production. What previously needed a connected computer to be accomplished, can now be done on a mobile device with the appropriate app. Product documentation becomes accessible when needed; real-time inventory control is maintained; machine simulator is always at your finger tips, etc. Those are just a few ways organizations use mobile applications to increase productivity.

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