Drive More Brand Engagement With Snapchat

Trends suggest that businesses would be wise to thrive brand engagement with Snapchat as it continues to penetrate new markets. And the number of daily users steadily increases.

Snapchat currently has an average of 218 million users per day. So how can you extend your business reach?

Here are seven tips for using Snapchat for your business.

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1) Linking In

Once you’re set up. Other than posting to your story. Your most immediate move is to ensure you tap into your existing followers by linking to your other social media accounts. As well as ensuring your website has a clear link to it, and drive traffic both ways.

2) Daily Stories

In 24 hours, your posts will disappear. Too many posts and customers will skip through them – like they do with TV ads. But, too few and customers will lose interest. However, give them three good meals a day and their hunger will be satisfied. That said, try posting every 4 to 5 hours and give them a varied diet.

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3) Post & Promote

Integrating a new social media platform in your communications strategy doesn’t mean abandoning tried and tested digital marketing techniques. Indeed, you should have already alerted existing followers to your Snapchat story. However, the next challenge is to get their attention.

So, if you have existing campaigns, think about how you can integrate them into your story.

Launching a new product? What about posting teasers before the big reveal?

Supporting a charity? How about promoting a fundraiser or discussion relevant to your target markets?

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4) Promotions & Competitions

Brand engagement with Snapchat can be easily obtained through promotions. Indeed, Snapchat lends itself brilliantly to promotions and competitions. So, why not give your followers something they can use. What about a flash sale or limited time offer? However, rules apply. So, make sure you read them carefully before launching your promotion. And, if you’re looking for inspiration, check out Snapchat success stories here.

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5) Paid Advertising

Snapchat for Business offers users a variety of more traditional paid advertising avenues. For instance, there are packages to suit all budgets and business types. If you imagine stories like a deck of cards, ‘Snap Ads’ are a great way to get your business in the deck.

Similarly, ‘Collection Ads’ offer Snapchatters a swipe-based browsing experience of your products and services. Alternatively, consider a sponsored ‘Discover’ tile with ‘Story Ads’ which co-exists alongside users’ curated content. Or, what about a six second non-skippable commercial video embedded within Snapchat’s ‘Premium Content’?

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6) AR Lenses And Filters

Everyone loves seeing their face adorned with puppy ears and flower crowns (right?). Well, what if users were using a filter sponsored by your business? Indeed, Lens Studio enables your creatives to express themselves. And, also allows your business to become part customer conversations by becoming the overlay of today.  

Snapchat really comes into its own with its innovative use of Augmented Reality to drive customer interactions and experience. So, why not maximize brand engagement with Snapchat by giving the camera-first generation a memorable experience. And something to play with.

For example, users of Taco Bell’s popular Cinco De Mayo lens were playing with it for an average of 24 seconds before posting a snap. Consequently, giving their brand nearly 30 seconds of one-to-one advertising time.

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7) Takeovers

Exposure to new followers is the key to successful digital marketing. So, you should consider working with a guest curator on your Snapchat story. Whether a related business, a key industry figure or celebrity linked to your sector. Indeed, a takeover is a great way to extend your reach.

You’re getting a 24 hour audience with their following. Or, if you takeover their account, you’ve got 24 hours to pitch your own brand and grow your following.

Whatever business your company’s focused on, there are many different ways you can use Snapchat to your advantage.

As with any format, it can take a while to get it right. But once you hit the sweet spot there’ll be no stopping you from success.

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