Instagram for Business

I love social media! And one of my favourite ways to help businesses is to dive in and optimize their online presence.

But lately, an alarming trend has been emerging.

I begin the process of auditing the client’s social media accounts with a blissful optimism, but then, things start rolling out like this…

Facebook? Your personal profile proudly displays the fact that you joined in 2007.  You were around when throwing sheep at your friends was cool, but stopped just before it was no longer a thing. You have been running ads and locking down leads on your business account for several years and have a solid foundation on which to build. Excellent!

Twitter? When you first joined, it was simply to watch the hilarity ensue between Seth Rogen and his mom. But against all odds, over the past few years, you have developed a loyal network of industry contacts. They are chatty and engaged. Cool!

Instagram?   What?!?  @$&$!

Instagram for Business

After muttering to myself about how Instagram is not just for fashionistas and avocado toast addicts I take a few moments to discreetly compose myself. Then I sit down and write the client an email that firmly lays out the cold hard facts.

For example, did you know that there are 500 million Instagram accounts active on a daily basis?

And that 80 percent of Instagram accounts follow at least one business.

That’s a lot of people. And trust me, not all of them are there for the toast.

If your current social media strategy is ignoring the potential of Instagram for business, read on. I have prepared a quick rundown of the platform’s main features and how you can easily leverage them to build your brand, no matter what industry you’re in.

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These pictures and videos are saved to your main page and also appear in the feeds of people who follow your account.

As the backbone of your Instagram presence, content should be high-quality, on-brand and consistent. Think of it as a gallery for your brand.

While posting pictures on the regular may seem like a crazy-making commitment, the potential payoff here is big. Through the use of strategically selected hashtags, Instagram posts can get your brand directly in front of your target audience, no matter what your business niche is.

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With a shelf life of 24 hours and time limit of 15 seconds, story chapters are the perfect place to get creative with your content.

Whether posting spontaneous and engaging snippets that give a behind the scenes peek at your brand or showcasing high-quality product shots that drive customers to your e-commerce site, this is the place to let your business’s personality shine.

The best part is that the app includes built-in stickers to easily inject a bit of pizazz into your Instagram Story game. These eye-catching add-ons offer a wide range of features designed to increase engagement (GIFs, polls and emoji sliders) and drive users to your posts (geotags, mentions and hashtags).

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The poll feature on Instagram Stories provides an opportunity to engage with your audience in fun and impactful ways, no matter what industry you work in.

Is your design team having trouble deciding between two colours for the new fall line?

Does your office staff need help to choose a name for their Tuesday night bowling team?

Conduct an Instagram Stories poll!

And in addition to the helpful feedback, the highly engaged accounts that respond can be tracked and targeted by the marketing team at a later date.

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Similar to Polls, the Questions sticker on Instagram Stories offers another way to engage with your audience and receive valuable responses in real-time.

This feature can be used to ask for specific feedback, host a Q and A, or collect and answer FAQs.

While more flexible than the Poll feature, the action required by the audience requires a slightly higher buy-in. Consequently, this should be rewarded. Highly engaged brands often re-post timely screenshots that include responses to the questions they receive or the results of decisions made based on audience feedback.

At first, the creation and execution of Question Stories may seem time-consuming. But as with the Poll feature, the secondary info that can be collected from participants is worth its weight in gold when leveraged correctly.

So, do you still think that Instagram for business is not worth your while?

Contact the marketing experts at Didjet today! We even promise not to mutter.