What Impact Do Virtual and Augmented Reality Have on Society?

June 8, 2020 | Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality

There is and will remain for many years a debate about the effects of virtual and augmented reality in our society. Sometimes it is seen as a threat and sometimes as an opportunity. Virtual and augmented reality can help people connect with each other and improve their communication skills. As well as provide the user […]

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Drive More Brand Engagement With Snapchat

May 25, 2020 | Social Media

Trends suggest that businesses would be wise to thrive brand engagement with Snapchat as it continues to penetrate new markets. And the number of daily users steadily increases. Snapchat currently has an average of 218 million users per day. So how can you extend your business reach? Here are seven tips for using Snapchat for […]

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Snapchat For Business: Get A Bigger Byte Of The Conversation

May 11, 2020 | Social Media

Say ‘Snapchat’ and what’s the first thing you imagine? Puppy ears on your partner? Friends with flower crowns? Funny family faceswaps? But, you’re certainly not thinking that Snapchat for business is a thing. However, according to research by DOMO, in 2017 Snapchat users were posting over half a million snaps EVERY MINUTE. That’s over seven […]

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Time to Move On, Snapchat? You Betcha

April 27, 2020 | Social Media

With so many new and emerging visual content-based platforms on the scene,we have to wonder. Has the time come for Snapchat to quietly loosen its long-held grip on the youth demographic? Will it scurry off the way of MySpace, Google+, and Orkut? After all, the tweens that were using Evan Spiegel’s mobile-first content service at […]

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Augmented Reality Marketing: How Craft Breweries & Wineries Are Drinking It In

May 28, 2019 | Augmented Reality

Booze is big business. There’s no shortage of distilleries, wineries, and microbreweries out there. But getting noticed as a new brand means going beyond any visible point of difference. That’s why Augmented Reality Marketing is shaking things up in this very traditional sector. In an industry where a lot of products trade off on subtle […]

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VR (Finally) Means Business

April 23, 2019 | Virtual Reality

VR debuted 30 years back – and then seemed to disappear for a good while before making a resounding return a few years ago. Where’d it go? It hadn’t been resting on its laurels – it’d been in stealth mode. And now businesses across all sectors are reaping the benefits. Remember when Virtual Reality was […]

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