[INFOGRAPHIC] The cost of Virtual Reality

You have a good idea for a Virtual Reality Application? Great!
Now what?

Before even starting to think about development, there’s a few things you’ll need to take in consideration: type of content, headset and hardware, software and distribution. Depending on your answers; the time needed to develop the App, the team required to produce and program your App, and the amount of money you’ll need to spend to bring your idea to reality can vary greatly.

To help you assess how much your idea could cost you, so you can determine right away, before going further if you have the budget for it, we’ve put together a simple infographic: “The Cost of VR”. If you already know a bit about VR and have an idea of what you would like, this summarized poster will aid you determine your cost. If you have no clue on what you really are doing, we have the experts to help you figured it out. And even if you have some knowledge of VR, we can still help you think about all those little details that are often overlooked, but can make all the difference.

Go ahead take a look at this infographic and call us (or email or text, as you prefer) for any questions you may have about Virtual-Augmented-Mix Reality, and for a free quote for your great App idea!

The Cost of Virtual Reality

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