Snapchat For Business: Get A Bigger Byte Of The Conversation

Say ‘Snapchat’ and what’s the first thing you imagine? Puppy ears on your partner? Friends with flower crowns? Funny family faceswaps? But, you’re certainly not thinking that Snapchat for business is a thing.

However, according to research by DOMO, in 2017 Snapchat users were posting over half a million snaps EVERY MINUTE. That’s over seven times the number of Tumblr posts and ten times the number of Instagram posts in the same sixty seconds. Furthermore, according to Snap itself, in 2020 there are more than 210  millions daily active users.

But throw in the word ‘business’ and suddenly things seem to take on a whole new look. Is it the kind of platform that marketers should be sinking their spend into in any significant or meaningful way?

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Sure, Snapchat has managed to differentiate itself from incumbent and legacy social media platforms. Thanks to a whole host of bells and whistles. But most importantly, it remains the trending space for ‘now’ moments.

Can your business take a ‘byte’ of this platform? Stay current? And increase engagement?

Absolutely. Let’s consider how.

face-to-face Millennials vs Generation Z

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Generation Z and Millennials

In terms of demographics, Omnicore reports that 90% of Snapchat users are 13 to 24 year olds. And that includes 70% of females. In fact, in the US alone, 41% of teenagers cite Snapchat as their preferred social media platform.

Consequently, this makes Snapchat an absolutely essential marketing channel if your target audience is Generation Z.

But what if it’s not? Well, keep in mind that 24% of US adults are also Snapchat users. And that trend is set to rise as Generation Z move into their late twenties and thirties. Also, older generations continue to adapt to the platform.

Snpachat for Business Taco Bell's Cinco De Mayo lens

Creating ‘Now Moments’

Despite its undeniable global reach, Snapchat’s slightly skewed audience profile has seen marketers overlook its scope. And largely untapped audience. Otherwise, favoring familiar tried and tested avenues such as Facebook and Instagram. Until now.

In recent years, Snapchat has emerged as the marketing tool of choice for creating ‘now moments’. And this has been proved by successful campaigns such as Taco Bell’s Cinco De Mayo lens. Indeed, it has been viewed over 224 million times. And with more and more success like this Snapchat for business is – finally – becoming a thing.

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Sharing & Caring

Ok, so Snapchat’s probably not going to work if you’re selling printers, extrusion machines, or industrial augers. However, if you decide Snapchat for Business is right for your business – whatever your product or service – make sure you present your wares in a fun and engaging way. In other words, one that adds value to your brand. And also, entices prospective customers to take a closer look at your brand and what you’re selling.

However, research by Visual Capitalist shows that 68% of customers part company with  brands because they don’t believe they care for them. It’s a valid perception. But one that can be easily remedied by providing them with ways to express themselves.

So rather than generic and uninspiring stock photos of your products. Why not infuse your feed with some interactive creativity.

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Users might not check your website daily but they will be checking their Snapchat. Make sure you give them a memorable ‘in the now’ moment that they’ll want to share. Or give them the power to create these moments themselves. It can only reflect positively on your brand.

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