What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is coming now and is here to stay. But what is Virtual Reality? That’s one thing you need to know. Furthermore, there are a few other things you should pay attention to. Like how it will affect your life and what are the different types of VR.

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What is Virtual Reality?

VR is a computer-generated environment that lets you experience a different reality. In very simple words: it’s an immersion in a different world. Even more, in this other environment you are able to interact with objects, persons and the environment per say. In fact, to transport you into another space and time, you will wear a VR headset around your head and over your eyes. In most cases, you will also wear some headphones over your ears. And that is for a more immersive experience. With these gears on, you will be separated from the physical space you are occupying and transported into another reality. And a world that your brain will accept as real.

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Virtual Reality is a relatively new technology in at home settings. However, it’s been around (mostly in army and research settings) for over 30 years. But what is Virtual Reality compared to other technologies? VR is completely different. In the sense that it is not tweaking an existing platform or improving on a technology we already have. It rather takes extraordinary leaps, advancing and forging a new future for humanity. VR engages our senses on a deeper level than anything we’ve seen on either desktop or mobile technologies.

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How will Virtual Reality affect your life?

Virtual Reality is revolutionizing the way we live, work and think. It is indeed disrupting all kind of industries including architecture, learning, gaming and healthcare. Yes, the gaming industry is the most obvious one, but not the only one gaining from VR. Indeed, we are seeing more and more progress in healthcare due to Virtual Reality. And particularly in surgery and training. Likewise, with position requiring dangerous actions or with severe consequences. The safety of a VR World can help try and learn new techniques without the fear.

Furthermore, through VR you can experience a movie or show as if you were part of it. You can virtually hike the Everest or tour the Louvre museum or your future house. With VR, you are able to immerse yourself in a video game or a therapy. All that without leaving the comfort of your living room. Indeed, you can experience a lot of things you would have though impossible. We are already using VR in a lot of different fields, and it will only grow further and bigger.

2 types of VR headsets and a scale room VR display

What are the different types of VR?

Virtual Reality comes in a few different forms. In fact, in three different one. There’s Mobile VR which requires a low-cost headset that works with your smartphone. This type of VR is starting to be less popular as better systems are getting less expensive.

There’s also what we call “Room Scale” VR (RSVR) which is the much more expensive option. Indeed, the Room Scale VR not only requires a VR headset, but also a powerful PC or gaming console. And don’t forget some space to move around is also necessary. However, this form of Virtual Reality is way more immersive. And also offers a lot more options and interesting experiences.

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Finally, today we have the better version of RSVR which can be referred to as 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DoF). Indeed, it is now wireless. Therefore, less restriction and less cost. You can move around as you which–or stay in place. But most importantly, no computer required. In fact, it is now integrated in the headset.

Whichever form you decide to go with, they have multiple different options. And you have to choose the “Best VR headsets” for what you’re looking for.

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What is Virtual Reality Today?

Virtual Reality is an entirely new medium whose true purpose is slowly being realized. As a medium that is constantly evolving and adapting, you can now come across not only Virtual Reality, but also Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. Those are other forms of immersion in other worlds that you’ll see in different contexts. There are still a lot of misconceptions about VR, but we are getting there faster and you might think.

VR, AR, MR, 360° and CGI are here to stay. If you’re still confuse about the different terms and acronyms, we recommend reading “About the VR Language”. We’re starting to hear more and more about this technology all over the place. And, as the technology grows, gains industries and people, you’ll see more as it will become a way of life…

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